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 Are actors and professional athletes paid too much? (6)

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Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?

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if you have a problem with it then dont watch professional sports or any tv or movies. thats the truth

PurpleField(6) Disputed
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No, there getting paid to do there job... just like any banker or teacher. They are getting paid by how good the are and how they perform. Why not get paid for being a great athlete!!!

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No, there not getting paid to much. There getting paid to do there job, just like a banker or a teacher. They get paid by how good they are or how they perform... Its there job, why not get paid for being a great athlete!

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Actors and professional athletes are absolutely paid too much money. There is basically no benefit to society being an athlete or an actor. Professions like teachers, firefighters and police officers are by far the most honarable, and should be paid like it.

mattpaulson(5) Disputed
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i cant believe you are saying that. Your always talking about the Wild and Twins and many more sports. Dont watch them, dont buy their apareal then. youre only supporting their high pay.

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However, it’s not the athletes’ fault that their wages are so high. The main problem is the huge amount of money involved in professional sports. Team owners and the three big leagues rake in billions of dollars a year. Some of it comes from fans who shell out big bucks for costly game tickets and hugely overpriced snacks at stadiums and arenas, and for hoodies and hats with their favorite team’s logo. But far more comes from the multibillion-dollar deals made with cable and TV networks to broadcast games. Forget the Tencent emulator, forget NOX, and forget Bluestacks. You can now play PUBG Mobile online directly onto your desktop! You play as a group of 3 against another group of 3. Whoever you choose depends on who you think has the best tandem.