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Wadena-Deer Creek High School

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 Are girls too mean to each other? (8)

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Are girls too mean to each other?

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YES. Oh my goodness. Girls are ridiculous to one another. Girls are much to evil towards one another. Girls constantly talk about each other behind their backs, make fun, and judge constantly. It's nasty!

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girls are very mean to each other. the kind of cruelty that girls use to get back at each other are simply evil. they plan hours on their revenge, and do things really awful things to each other.

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I agree with davidnaj. While people are mean in general, females are especially so.

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Girls are definately way too mean to eachother. They will spread rumors behind eachother's back just because of a guy or because of something they think their "friend" said. They feel the need to get back at eachother for ridiculous reasons.

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i agree that we can be very mean to each other, but then everything thing is not going to be rosey all the time. Even as friends there will be fights which always will happen, but in general we are mean to each other. Some girl take one thing said to them way too far, and in turn make themselves way more upset.

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Girls can be nasty!! they're always criticizing each other on what they wear, who they're dating, and who they're friends are. they need to learn to be more accepting. it's time to grow up and learn that the world doesn't revolve around you...

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Watch Mean Girls and you will know the answer to this question.

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While guys physically fight to express anger, girls are mean in their relationships because that is the way that they express their anger. So, to answer the question, yes; girls are too mean to each other, but that's because that's what a girl knows.