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Wadena-Deer Creek High School

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Tea Rocks Tea Sort of Rocks
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Does Tea Rock?

Tea Rocks

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Tea Sort of Rocks

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A nice berry tea can make your day just that much better and it is way better than coffee by the way.

Side: Tea Rocks
1 point

Tea totally rocks. I absoultely love tea, and I think anyone who doesn't love tea is seriously missing out in a great experience. Drink up.

Side: Tea Rocks
1 point

yes it does. tea most definately does rock. i love tea. i hate the stupid 50 character minimuim

Side: Tea Rocks
1 point

My personal favorite is Russian Tea with an extra spoonful of lemon mix.

Side: Tea Rocks
1 point

tea is simply amazing in every way, shape, and form. anyone who thinks otherwise is quite frankily dumb.

Side: Tea Rocks
1 point

if by tea, you mean... anything other than tea, than yes. tea is gross. i enjoy flavor.

Side: Tea Sort of Rocks
3 points

Tea is horrible. We left England for a reason... that reason: tea is disgusting.

Side: Tea Sort of Rocks
Levi(15) Disputed
1 point

Actually, we left England because of unfair law practices. Taxation without Representation was one of the largest reasons, along with soldiers forced to be put up in the colonists homes.

Side: Tea Rocks