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Wadena-Deer Creek High School

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Open to any religion Clear separation needed
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Prayer in school

Open to any religion

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Clear separation needed

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although religion should not be taught in public schools, students should be allowed to express their beliefs amongst one another. for example, muslims are required by their religion to pray five times a day at various times, some of which being during school hours. if a muslim student was not allowed to do so, he/she would be unintentionally not following their religion's protocol. not being able to express a religion is one thing, but having that religion then censored by others is ridiculous.

Side: Open to any religion
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Separation of church and state is important in the public school system. Public schools are funded by the United States government which was founded based on the pricipals of religious freedom and tolerance. Mandating or accepting prayer in schools does not show religious tolerance to those who chose no religion or a differing religion from what the area "norm" is.

Side: Clear separation needed
AllieCat(7) Disputed
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Since our country was bulit on the foundations of freedom of religion, people should be allowed to express their religious views by praying. (if desired) nobody cna classify what is the "norm". Who knows, atheism might be considered the "norm".

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jordan32(11) Disputed
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Saying that makes me mad. Thats hypocritical. You're saying that all kids should have to wear the same kind of clothes... cause if your not part of the "norm" then thats a PROBLEM? What happened to self expression. You shouldnt be able to wear those big diamond earings because that could make some kids feel "left out"

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