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Wadena-Deer Creek High School

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Fresh Food is healthier Frozen foods are cheaper
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 Fresh Food is healthier (4)
 Frozen foods are cheaper (4)

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Should schools have more freshly made food instead of frozen/processed food?

This is a debate on whether schools should have fresh made food vs. frozen/processed food.

Fresh Food is healthier

Side Score: 4

Frozen foods are cheaper

Side Score: 5
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Freshly made food is just plainly more healthy for you. It is going to be more expensive but it makes a difference in the long run. teenagers will have more energy, be able to do their homework, and be more alert. There is endless benefits for fresh food!

Side: Fresh Food is healthier
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We should spend more money and time on quality food. With children not eating the school food because its so processed, they decide not to eat. Then students are sitting in class with grumbling stomach's. Then it distracts the students surrounding the hungry one and then the child that is still hungry.With many students being in athletics they need a proper diet. Using real food will get more students to eat the school food and the learning process afterwards.

Side: Fresh Food is healthier
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We need to put all our money into education not spend it on tasty food so kids our happy. Fill them up and send them back to class with cheap food.

Side: Frozen foods are cheaper
melcow(19) Disputed
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That is a good way to look at it, but but in other for the kids to get a good education, they need to be alert, not hungry or tired, and healthy!

Side: Fresh Food is healthier
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Filling children with cheap food has obviously worked so far, so why change things? School scores are influenced by so many more things than just a diet.

Side: Frozen foods are cheaper
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Agreed, we need to get cheaper food so that we can spend our money on education. The kids should deserve only bread and water.

Side: Frozen foods are cheaper