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Wadena-Deer Creek High School

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 Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? (5)

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Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

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Yes I somewhat think that this would be a good idea. teachers do sometimes lack vital skills. when the principle comes into the class to view them, the teacheres tend to act differently. i think cameras in every classroom would be a great idea. then teachers would always have to be on their toes.

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Yes, students should be able to grade their teachers. If students were allowed to grade their teachers, it would creatively reflect how well the teacher is explaining and presenting the class material, and how well the students are understanding the material.

However, if the students aren't mature about the grading system, it could become a popularity contest, or if the teacher teaches a "sluff" class, some students may give that teacher the highest grade.

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Students should definately be able to grade their teachers. If a teacher is giving a person a grade, the student should be able to give one back. A students grade reflects a teachers teaching skills, so who better to grade the teacher than the students themselves. A students grade affects them a great deal of the time from high school to college. The grades a person gets helps with college, can determines wheather they are in sports or not, may have to do with their home life. It effects many things. If it can change a students life so much it should be able to change a teachers life as well. Teachers should be paid on how well they teach, not what area of the world they are in or how long they have been in the district they are.

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I think that students should be allowed to grade their teachers on how well they preform, whether that is on lectures, homework, projects, willingness to help, etc. Students are graded on how well they preform, why shouldn't the teachers? I think that the higher the grade a teacher receives from all students taking their class, should help the teachers know what they need to improve on and that grades they teachers receive should also help the administration know how more of what the students think. I think when the students grade their teachers, they should be able to submit the grades confidentially. Sometimes it's hard for students to talk to their teachers about what they feel needs to be changed for the better of the class as a whole. Some teachers have the problem of students explaining to them, or giving them suggestions, on what they should change that would help the students learn more effectively, and what might make the class more fun, or what would help to just improve the class in general. If students are able to grade their teachers in the future, I think that the school administration actually needs to take into account what the students have to say and work to improve them. School is focused on students, not teachers. By students grading their teachers, overall, it helps change the school and the learning environment for the better.

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teachers out of the room... you guys should have a party or do something fun