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Wadena-Deer Creek High School

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It creates job security It makes teachers lazy
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 It creates job security (2)
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Teacher Tenure

It creates job security

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It makes teachers lazy

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If we just make teachers work for a short amount of time, and then lock them in, teachers loose initiative and motivation. Tenure does create job security but its obviously hurting our states education.

Side: It makes teachers lazy
BuyerBeware(3) Disputed
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Then again, if a teacher isn't locked into a job long term they will be paying more attention on maintaining there job for the future rather then focusing on helping the students.

Side: It creates job security
jordan32(11) Disputed
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really? you think? if you need to spend time thinking about maintaining your job, then maybe you dont know how to do your job correctly.

Side: It makes teachers lazy
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I think teacher tenure needs to be removed. I don't necessarly think it makes teachers lazy, but it does make it difficult to remove a teacher that has been tenure. They could be the worst teacher in the world, but once they are tenure it is really hard to remove them. There is really no need to have teacher tenure. Teachers who work hard and do their job well should have no worries of being fired or let go. That would be crazy for a school to get ride of a good teacher. There are plenty of good teachers out there so lets get ride of teacher tenure so we can get ride of the bad teachers and hire the good ones.

Side: It makes teachers lazy