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1 point

I hope so, because I am afraid :( fifty characterssss blahhhh.

1 point

Nast! Watching wrestling is bad enough and watching them in those tight clothes touch each other is more than can be handled.

1 point

Yes. Has anyone noticed this week he suddenly has a cut on this left wrist. Coincidence? I doubt it, kay? He was probably creating a new gun or finding a new world or something.

1 point

Private schools do not need to be in the state tournament. they can have their own tournament. plus they have to bring fans from other schools, and they wear uniforms. not cool. plus, there cheers are lame. and that's the fun part of state.

1 point

if by tea, you mean... anything other than tea, than yes. tea is gross. i enjoy flavor.

1 point

Social Networking definately brings people together. If people can't handle themselfes they can leave. Social networking gives people a chance to talk with their friends they met at state volleyball and they're family from out of town. It allows people to share pictures. Sometimes it even starts realitionships. Nowadays with our generation many stories start, "Well on Facebook last night..." And that's how it should be. Boom.

2 points

YES. Oh my goodness. Girls are ridiculous to one another. Girls are much to evil towards one another. Girls constantly talk about each other behind their backs, make fun, and judge constantly. It's nasty!

1 point

Students should definately be able to grade their teachers. If a teacher is giving a person a grade, the student should be able to give one back. A students grade reflects a teachers teaching skills, so who better to grade the teacher than the students themselves. A students grade affects them a great deal of the time from high school to college. The grades a person gets helps with college, can determines wheather they are in sports or not, may have to do with their home life. It effects many things. If it can change a students life so much it should be able to change a teachers life as well. Teachers should be paid on how well they teach, not what area of the world they are in or how long they have been in the district they are.

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