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RSS Davidnaj

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1 point

i think so... cheetah-print speedos are pretty much made for those 60 and older.

1 point

well.... it's certainly a lot better than the alternative.... if wrestlers wrestled WITHOUT spandex.... >.<

1 point

yes, but only if i think you have a nice bod. if not, then don't bother.

1 point

he has to be. there's no way he isn't. all of the clues add up. his timely absences. his laser vision.... he most definately is

1 point

private schools need their own tournament. there are way too many examples of private schools that are able to bribe players to play for them. shattuck st. mary's offers jobs to players' parents to move so they can play for their school. it's simply not fair to the public schools who aren't allowed to choose their players. i think private schools would be just fine if they had their own tournament.

1 point

yes it does. tea most definately does rock. i love tea. i hate the stupid 50 character minimuim

1 point

i feel like facebook is only a hinderance to people who make it a hinderance. i feel like social networking is a great tool that is connecting us with people much more effectively than through telephone.

also, social networking is a great stepping stone for people who are a little shy. once they feel comfortable meeting people online, they'll become more comfortable with meeting people in real life

2 points

people saying the video games cause violence might as well say that watching musicals will cause you to dance out in the hallway and break out in song throughout the day. violent people would be violent reguardless of video games.

1 point

girls are very mean to each other. the kind of cruelty that girls use to get back at each other are simply evil. they plan hours on their revenge, and do things really awful things to each other.

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