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RSS Macyhartman

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it should be outlawed! no one needs to see that much of a person...

1 point

Girls can be nasty!! they're always criticizing each other on what they wear, who they're dating, and who they're friends are. they need to learn to be more accepting. it's time to grow up and learn that the world doesn't revolve around you...

1 point

I think that students should be allowed to grade their teachers on how well they preform, whether that is on lectures, homework, projects, willingness to help, etc. Students are graded on how well they preform, why shouldn't the teachers? I think that the higher the grade a teacher receives from all students taking their class, should help the teachers know what they need to improve on and that grades they teachers receive should also help the administration know how more of what the students think. I think when the students grade their teachers, they should be able to submit the grades confidentially. Sometimes it's hard for students to talk to their teachers about what they feel needs to be changed for the better of the class as a whole. Some teachers have the problem of students explaining to them, or giving them suggestions, on what they should change that would help the students learn more effectively, and what might make the class more fun, or what would help to just improve the class in general. If students are able to grade their teachers in the future, I think that the school administration actually needs to take into account what the students have to say and work to improve them. School is focused on students, not teachers. By students grading their teachers, overall, it helps change the school and the learning environment for the better.

Winning Position: Do people care too much about what people think about them??

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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