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RSS Melcow

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1 point

Old men should not be able to wear speedos, especially cheetach print

1 point

Ewww! spandex should not be worn, it shows too much skin- tightness!the wrestlers can wear other fabric forms of the uniform instead of spandex that can be just as flexible.

1 point

That is a good way to look at it, but but in other for the kids to get a good education, they need to be alert, not hungry or tired, and healthy!

1 point

Freshly made food is just plainly more healthy for you. It is going to be more expensive but it makes a difference in the long run. teenagers will have more energy, be able to do their homework, and be more alert. There is endless benefits for fresh food!

1 point

i agree that we can be very mean to each other, but then everything thing is not going to be rosey all the time. Even as friends there will be fights which always will happen, but in general we are mean to each other. Some girl take one thing said to them way too far, and in turn make themselves way more upset.

1 point

I agree that it would be hard to hold and keep a relationship together just by texting, facebooking,but on the other hand, you can find people that you would never ever meet in person unless you call them , skype and then finally meet them in person

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Tied Positions: no way , that's gross! vs. yeah it's ok, my dad does it
Winning Position: Spandex is gross!
Tied Positions: Frozen foods are cheaper vs. Fresh Food is healthier

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