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1 point

as long as the mother is actually worthy of wearing a bikini, definitely. if she isn't, she is simply ruining the bikini experience for everyone, men and women alike.

1 point

nor will they. if the government takes away guns, it will be prohibition all over, only with a killing machine instead of a drink.

3 points

if jordan heisler does not admit to this, i will not return his copy of assassin's creed.

1 point

...duh. that's all i really wanted to say, but this fifty character minimum does not allow it.

1 point

tea is simply amazing in every way, shape, and form. anyone who thinks otherwise is quite frankily dumb.

1 point

although religion should not be taught in public schools, students should be allowed to express their beliefs amongst one another. for example, muslims are required by their religion to pray five times a day at various times, some of which being during school hours. if a muslim student was not allowed to do so, he/she would be unintentionally not following their religion's protocol. not being able to express a religion is one thing, but having that religion then censored by others is ridiculous.

2 points

medical marijuana has pain-numbing effects on the body. if someone is suffering through much pain, there is no logical reason for marijuana to not be an option. yes, marijuana is unhealthy, but the medical benefits outweigh the risks in the pain factor. chemotherapy is a widely used and accepted practice, but can be just as risky as it is beneficial.

1 point

it depends on one's common sense. typically, someone will have enough common sense to know that stealing a cop car or decapitating someone with a samurai sword probably won't go over so hot in real life in comparison to a video game. if someone doesn't have enough common sense to understand that, they probably should be locked up anyhow for the sake of the rest of society.

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