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Wadena-Deer Creek High School

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Get your own tourney Everyone should play
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Private schools in state tournaments

Get your own tourney

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Everyone should play

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No, Its stupid! they are private, find your own dang tournaments. A lot of these school can have open tryout and they can pick the best players. Unlike school around here where we are barely getting enough for teams! They SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED... its unfair!

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PurpleField(6) Disputed
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Although they are bringing more competition to the games...

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private schools need their own tournament. there are way too many examples of private schools that are able to bribe players to play for them. shattuck st. mary's offers jobs to players' parents to move so they can play for their school. it's simply not fair to the public schools who aren't allowed to choose their players. i think private schools would be just fine if they had their own tournament.

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Private schools do not need to be in the state tournament. they can have their own tournament. plus they have to bring fans from other schools, and they wear uniforms. not cool. plus, there cheers are lame. and that's the fun part of state.

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Private schools should have their own state tournaments because public funding gives them an advantage to hiring coaches and buying better equipment.

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